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Powered by the world's leading internet diecast seller, Diecast Legends, AUTOart UK is a site dedicated to the AUTOart brand.

AUTOart is one of the most prestigious names in the diecast business.

The company produces a wide range of road and race replicas, both classic and modern, in a wide variety of scales: 1:12, 1:18 and 1:43.

And whilst it could not be suggested that AUTOart models are inexpensive, they often compare very favourably in terms of quality when put next to replicas that cost twice as much.

We work very closely with AUTOart and their release programme, as a result of which we are often in a position to market new subjects many months, or sometimes even years, before they become available to retailers.

Of course, if you order a model from us before it is released, you will pay nothing until the item you have ordered has actually been despatched to you.

Given the somewhat sporadic supply situation with AUTOart, we do strongly recommend pre-ordering.

Rarely do enough pieces come into the UK market to meet demand, but this notwithstanding, it is almost unheard of for AUTOart not to supply us with sufficient quantities to meet the outstanding orders of our customers.

By contrast, those who prefer to wait until a model is available before making a decision to purchase often end up regretting their hesitancy.

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    And unfortunately, when a new release sells out, there is not guarantee when it will be re-supplied, if at all!

    So, we hope you enjoy browsing the site. Every replica is marked as 'pre-order', 'in-stock' or 'available'. This last status applies when a replica is temporarily out of stock but is expected again shortly from the UK distributor.

    Anyway, happy hunting!